Possible Finishings

Travertine Classic polished


This finishing highlights the beige colour of the Travertine Classic. It enhances the Travertine elements and a stronger contrast between its colour tones. This is the ideal finishing for interior flooring.

Travertine Classic honed


This type of finishing is plain and does not show any shine, in contrast with the polished finishing. It presents a greyish beige colour and a pale look. This is the number 1 choice for exterior cladding.

Travertine Classic split-face and brushed

Split-Face and Brushed

Finishing done in two phases: split-face and then brushed on top. Like the split-face, this finishing keep the stone´s natural colour, has a rough surface but smoother. Used on exterior vertical applications.

Travertine Classic split-face


Type of finishing that involves considerable hand-labour, it shows a very rough and irregular appearance but keeping the stone´s natural colour. It is mostly used on cladding and wall coverings.

Travertine Classic tumbled


Finishing with a thin corrugated appearance, showing an aged Travertine Classic. It maintains most of its colour but giving the stone a stylish old look. It is mostly used on exterior applications.