Interesting Applications for the Travertine Classic

The Travertine Classic is an excellent natural stone, with great technical properties, large quantities available, versatile for different finishings and with a great uniform colour. For these reasons, this type of natural stone has today very large demand worldwide. We present here some applications where we believe the Travertine Classic can do a great job:


For the Travertine polished and with resin filling, flooring is a great choice of application. Its uniform beige coloured vein is very suitable and brings a natural warmth and life to any interior area. It is a very common application.

Travertine Classic flooring

Interior Decoration

The warm beige colour and natural vein of the Travertine Classic is very appreciated for interior decoration applications. Here, it is very common to find this travertine on hotels, private homes, where the natural and warm feeling are key.

Travertine Classic Coverings


A very common and recommended type of application for the Travertine Classic, exterior cladding is a natural environment for this natural stone. It is most common to find applications of the Travertine Classic with honed finishing, but this beige veined stone wonders on a building´s appearance and vibe.

Travertine Classic cladding

Bath Design

Here it is common to find applications of the Travertine Classic with different types of finishings, such as polished or even tumbled. It is also very common to find the use of this travertine as mosaics for wall coverings, as well as basins or shower trays.

Travertine Classic Bath Design