Travertine Classic from Turkey

The Travertine Classic is perhaps the travertine stone with the most demand at present. This is a major natural stone with a large and consistent demand all over the world. The Travertine Classic is extracted in Turkey and probably is the travertine with the largest potential for future development. Here is a little introduction to this amazing natural stone.


The Travertine Classic is mostly extracted in the province of Denizli, south-western Turkey. There is a large number of quarries extracting this travertine and some of the quarries can have a very large dimension and stock of blocks. Some quarries can have up to 8 layers of extraction in several distinct extraction areas. Most of the quarries close during winter, due to the snow and cold temperatures.

Travertine Classic Quarry

Most of the production of the major quarries is practically sold, with considerable waiting time for new clients. This type of travertine enjoys a booming market and supply is not enough for the growing demand.


The Travertine Classic is possibly one of the most famous Travertine in the world. It is a beige/light brown coloured natural stone, with slight variations in terms of beige colour tones. It can present some darker shaded areas, as well as some white coloured ones. It is characterized by its natural holes, which is part of the Travertine structure.

Travertine Classic polished

As other travertine, the Travertine Classic can be present as cross cut or vein cut. There are mostly two grades for this stone: the first for export market, which is clean and uniform; and a lower grade, mostly used on domestic market, which may present some colour and vein variations.


The Travertine Classic accepts well certain types of finishings. The ones we mostly recommend are the polished that highlights the unique beige vein. It is also common to find the Travertine Classic with tumbled, honed or brushed finishings.

The Travertine Classic also accepts well different types of fillings, such as resin, mastic and cement.


It is quite hard to identify one or few specific markets for the Travertine Classic. As said above, this is a major natural stone with large demand worldwide. Nonetheless, we present below some of these markets where this travertine has considerable demand:

– China: as nº1 importer of blocks. Just to give a picture, there are Chinese companies with staff sleeping on Turkish travertine quarries to make sure they secure the best sections and blocks within the quarries. Demand for blocks is huge.

– Europe: the travertine is a common type of stone in most European markets. Many companies use this type of travertine on their catalogues as reference travertine.

– USA: another major market, specially for standard sized tiles. It is a major consumer of travertine.

– Middle East: also a major importer of travertine.

– Asian countries and emerging economies: as the travertine is not a cheap type of stone, it is not affordable for every client. However, this does not seem to be a problem for economies like Brazil, Russia and several Asian countries.


There are numerous applications of Travertine Classic all over the world. This is a major natural stone with incredible demand and with all kinds of applications. Some of the most relevant applications are interior flooring, coverings and some bath design.

The Travertine Classic also does an amazing job on rustic projects for garden decoration such as walls, flooring and diverse stonework. It is also a preferential stone used on the production of mosaics.

Travertine Classic flooring