Which Finishing for the Travertine Classic?

The Travertine Classic is a versatile natural stone that can adapt well to different types of finishings. There are a great range of finishings that are normally used with this type of stone. We recommend you some of these finishings below:


The most common type of finishing, the polished finishing highlights the unique elements of the Travertine and the beige colour of the Travertine Classic. This type of finishing goes well with a resin filling. It is most commonly used on flooring, wall coverings and decoration projects.

Travertine Classic polished


The honed finishing presents a matt appearance where the beige coloured of the Travertine Classic becomes very uniform. Its surface is smooth but showing no contrast between its elements. This is a preferential finishing to be used on exterior cladding projects.

Travertine Classic honed


A very popular type of finishing, the tumbled finishing gives an old/aged look to this natural stone. Its natural colour becomes slightly darker as well. This is a preferential finishing for interior flooring and decoration, as well as exterior applications.

Travertine Classic tumbled