Travertine Classic Reference Project: Royale Hayat Hospital

The Royale Hayat Hospital is a luxurious private healthcare institute in Kuwait and a worldwide reference project for the Travertine Classic due to its exterior massive cladding, which was essentially assembled with Travertine Classic panels.

This health facility was established back in 2006 but it is presently known as the standard of excellence for women and children healthcare in Kuwait. The whole project covered a site area of 28.400 m2, including several inter-connected buildings and a park with 200 lots. The exterior architectural development of the hospital’s facility was mainly made with Travertine Classic and some Travertine Noce. These two natural stones were used in high quantities for covering and cladding the numerous facility walls. This particular usage is part of the recommended applications for the Travertine Classic. In terms of Travertine finishings, the main adopted form was the honed technique.

In the present days, the Royale Hayat Hospital is considered to be the best example of a hospital in Kuwait, a direct result of the high standard principles, which aim to provide a luxury healthcare system blended with hospitality and advanced medical specialties, including laparoscopic programs, reproductive medicine and pain management.

Despite being founded in 2006, the Royale Hayat Hospital installations were concluded in 2005 by the international architectural and engineering firm, Gulf Consult, with a cost of 15.0 million Kuwaiti dinars, around 50 million US dollars.

Project Profile

Building Type: Private/Hospital
Location: Jabriya, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Materials: Travertine Classic and Travertine Noce
Applications: Exterior Cladding and Wall Coverings

Royale Hayat Hospital

Royale Hayat Hospital

Royale Hayat Hospital Construction

Royale Hayat Hospital Front View

Royale Hayat Hospital Side View

Royale Hayat Hospital Back View

Royale Hayat Hospital Lateral View