Travertine Classic Main Commercial Names

As a major natural stone, the Travertine Classic is known by several names. These are alternative or commercial names that are used according to the supplier, market, client, in order to describe the same material. Below we present some relevant commercial names that are commonly used to identify the Travertine Classic:

Travertine Classic vein-cut slabs

Travertine Beige

With a clear reference to its colour, Travertine Beige is a very common name. Often travertine are described by its colour and this is an example. It is a very common name that is used pretty much everywhere.

Travertine Cream

Another direct reference to its beige / creamy colour, the Travertine Cream is another commercial name for the same stone. In fact the word ´Cream´ is a very commercial choice, as it relates to the Crema Marfil, Moca Cream and other stones.

Travertino Classico

This is the name commonly used in Spain or Italy to identify the Travertine Classic. It is the direct translation into these two languages.

Travertino Romano

The Travertino Romano is another type of travertine, which is originally from Italy. Despite this, it is common to use the name of Travertino Romano to describe the Travertine Classic, mainly because these two travertine are quite similar..

Travertine Light

Despite not being the most accurate name, the Travertine Classic can be found in the market known as Travertine Light.