How to Choose: Travertine Classic Vein-Cut vs. Cross-Cut

The Travertine Classic can assume a quite different look, depending on the sawn techniques in question. There are two main variations, the vein-cut and the cross-cut, and each one of them exposes different parts of the stone, thus the different look.

As a multifaceted natural stone, the Travertine Classic is versatile in many ways, including the range of possible applications and the appearance of the travertine itself. Despite being the same exact stone, the Travertine Classic can be cut in favour or against the vein, which generates a complete different look. The vein-cut variation is sawn in the same position as the stone is extracted, therefore it displays the natural veinage, which runs parallel along the surface. On the other side, the cross-cut variation is sawn in the opposite direction. The slabs are turned around and the cut goes against the vein. As a result, the veinage disappears and the background becomes more uniform and rather clouded.

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