Travertine Noce from Turkey: how to choose


The Travertine Noce is one of the most prominent travertine stones from Turkey. Besides the considerable demand, this stone has developed a solid positioning across the years. In the present days, it’s one of the most popular brown travertines in the market.

With a very peculiar appearance, the Travertine Noce is heavily characterized by its natural holes. But what makes this natural stone quite unique is its dense brown colour and the mineral veinage. Overall, this is a hard stone with a high utility and some colour variation, as it can range from light to dark browns. In terms of applications, it is often used on exterior cladding, coverings and flooring projects. Due to its versatility, the Travertine Noce accepts well almost any type of finishings and fillings. Additionally, this stone presents two main variations, the cross-cut with a rather cloudy background, and the vein-cut which clearly displays the mineral vein parallel along the surface.

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Source: Natural Stone Outlet